They said it

Marc Van Peteghem
Watch and see. The photographer is a bit of a magician who reveals to us what he saw and that our eyes could have missed. Nicolas Claris is looking for beauty in moments, light, shapes. Sculptor or painter, emotion is complete because he transfigures reality to offer us a raw emotion with which I feel in complete complicity.

Marc Van Peteghem
Naval Architect

Patrick le Quément
I like photography, I like the skies that speak and the objects that testify, also I like work, or should I say the passions of Nicolas Claris. Because in the same way that Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus, proclaimed that the mission of the designer is to breathe a soul to the product, that of the photographer is to sublimate an object, a moment, a tension, caught in the quick: life.
What I like most is that we feel through the images of Nicolas, a search for freshness, spontaneity and not a quest for perfect balance that often comes close to boredom but, just imbalance, because the right imbalance is the difference between frozen and life.
I like photography when it gives me several levels of reading, what is called in medical science: a delay, and we learn to savor slowly, to be careful to pay attention, to discover what the we had not seen it yet ... but who is there.

Patrick le Quément
Chairman of the Scientific Council the Sustainable Design School

Lagoon 630 MY

You’ve done an amazing job shooting the Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht. These images are some of the best I’ve worked with while at Yachting. The only problem is the pain of making selects — knowing there are hundreds of beautiful images to use, but with limited space for only a few.
What an excellent job you did with this, Nicolas. You knocked it out of the park. Many thanks for the fantastic work, and a well-executed production. 
The image may be the classiest cover we’ve run.

Warm regards from Florida,

Eric Powell  /  Sr. Art Director
Bonnier Corporation
United States of America

Bénéteau Océanis 38 -Message left on our voice box :
I looked at all the photos, I really think we did a great job, you did a super job, there are great images, there is a beautiful light. With Thomas we are in step with the angles we love, overall there is the beautiful material, whether for interiors or images in navigation, we really get every thing we need to make a beautiful brochure and a very good database. Well, your photos are really cool, thanks!

Chargée de Communication - Bénéteau

Lagoon :
The interior design of the new Lagoon has been for Nauta Yacht Design a very exciting work, aimed at improving the beauty and elegance of the interiors, making them more contemporary, and getting a “feel like home” impression, providing them with a touch of luxury yet keeping sober, bright and comfortable living spaces.
We have especially focused on raising the perception of space, making large use of continuous horizontal lines, without interruptions, shaping the interiors into more fluent and harmonious open spaces, where the rigour of the geometry merges completely with the warmth of the materials and of the design. The final result is masterly shown by Nicholas Claris outstanding photos, which we particularly appreciated as they perfectly display our work through their constant care to details: something we share as a passion before than a work mission. Massimo Gino et Mario Pedol
Nauta Yachts Design

Bénéteau Sense 55
Brief before the photo shoot:
Our wish is to show the vision of a passenger as he looks forward or backward.
There is the long corridor with the owner's cabin at one end and the two twin lateral cabins with sliding doors, this is a view that we normally get on larger size boats.
We are particularly proud of the general brightness inside the boat, this natural light that enters the interior is amazing, the result is incredible.

In general and for everything else we let you do, we know that we are in very good hands!

Massimo Gino et Mario Pedol
Nauta Yachts Design

Yachts are always a challenge to photograph: the restricted volumes, the weather and with Chrisco, the many textures of white. For this Nicolas Claris needed to apply all his experience to show the core of the Wetzels Brown Partners concept: the quality of the changes in texture of one colour.

The yacht's symmetrical design is clearly shown to its best by the symmetrical set-up of the photographs.

Gillian Brown
Wetzels Brown Partners

Paris appartment
The focus of the design of this apartment is the harmony between modern designed furniture and classic Parisian interior architecture. With each shot Wetzels Brown Partners worked with Nicolas to achieve this balance.

Rob Wetzels
Wetzels Brown Partners

Résidence en Autriche
One hundred shoes on the move! With this interior photo shoot Wetzels Brown Partners wanted to capture the personality of the client with the new interior design. Nicolas had to consider in each shot the balance of light, the colours of the fine art and the composition of each view to convey more than just furnishings – the beautiful shoes became an important symbol of the photo shoot.
Gillian Brown
Wetzels Brown Partners

Bordeaux 60
Spacious, comfortable, elegant, timeless, customized… the Bordeaux 60’s interior design gives the living spaces a true sense of harmony and serenity. Nicolas Claris’s photographs, with his mastery of light, the high definition and quality of his shots best convey this feeling to those who cannot come on board?
Couëdel Hugon Design

Bruno Belmont
Artists belong to either one of two categories: those who have full confidence in their talent and those who need to keep on improving their art to free their creativity.
Clearly, Nicolas Claris belongs to the second category, although it would be unfair to consider the latter category inferior to the first; it would be like saying that Mozart
is better than Beethoven just because he could compose a masterpiece in a few minutes whilst Beethoven worked days on each note.
Nicolas loves the sea and everything technical, he was a boat builder, he has sailed the world, managed his own business, and as a photographer, he has never stopped perfecting his work, with technical mastery and with a great knowledge of photography as an art. And this is how he looks at things, considering them from the perspective of both art history and technical possibilities.
Having for many years edited other photographers’ work, he knows that a good picture ,requires much more than just pressing the trigger. As a writer needs to proofread his work, a photographer only signs his picture once he has done all the necessary touchup work.
Nicolas came to photography just over 10 years ago; a relatively short time considering how much he has already produced, and it is even shorter when one considers the eclecticism of his production. Yachts of course were the theme that led him to be considered today as one of the best Yacht interior photographer, but he has also focused on Architecture and Nature in all its details, such as flowers growing between two stones or a fallen branch dying on the ground.
Nicolas is uncompromising, his convictions have led to the development of his own
style, every day he spends as a photographer brings him more pleasure; he will brighten up when the sun sets and he can catch the soft evening lights, but equally his sadness will not be fake when the working conditions are not met. Nicolas will definitely be there catching the dying glow of the sunset, looking for the photographer’s Blue Note.
There are two sorts of artists: the good ones, and the bad ones. Nicolas definitely
belongs to the first picture!

Bruno Belmont
Groupe Bénéteau

Wauquiez - Bénéteau
I know Nicolas since a long time, and I had many time, chance to work with him and Marine his wife.
I appreciate how he is able to develop the leading vision of our yachts but also highlight details and shapes. Whether the exterior scenes in action or otherwise to reveal the intimate atmosphere of the accommodations.
From an human point of view it is always a great pleasure to work with him and Marine.
Olivier Racoupeau
Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design

Only Now - CNB 104’
Nicolas is an excellent professional, a great connoisseur of the art of photography, very creative and expert in the display of his images, making work fun and enjoyable to watch.

German Frers
Frers Naval Architecture

Debirs 100’
I met Nicolas Claris for the first time at the International Boat Show in Cannes, September 2008. I had already heard of him as a photographer in the yachting industry. I was immediately allured by his manner of wanting to work with me, in order to carry out an illustrated report and an advertizing film on the 100 SP DeBirs.
On time, and in spite of weather conditions not very favorable, he completed a superb work. Knowing to direct us towards the beautiful places and using all the resources of its art to obtain remarkable photographs.
I can only recommend Nicolas and his team, if you have superb photographs to make. Eric Petitjean
Yacht Master at A Y M Ltd